In the game, you will get a quest callled " And then there were three" This quest will have your character find 2 characters in Crypt floor 2 and Crypt floor 3. You can have either a Shiny Knight, Sorcerer of Sorcery, or a Theiving Thug. There is no Mountain Barbarian for a clan member though. If your a Shiny Knight, You wil have a Sorcerer and a Theiving Thug, If your a Sorcerer, you'll have a Knight and a Thug. If you have a Thug, you'll have a Sorceror and a Shiny Knight, If you have a Mountain Barbarian you'll have a Sorceror and a Thug.


  • At times the Sorceror will say How do i do it and Huzza!. After he dies he'll say i thought this game had perma death! Or, What did i do? He is basiclly a newb.
  • At times, the Thug will say things like wE mOVE! With capitalization problems. After he dies he'll say Back guys. He is basically a internet nerd. Much like Wyatt on the show and movie.
  • At times, the Shiny Knight will say Herioc things. When you first meet him, he'll say A Worthy adventurer! I'll join you!